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Should moms put themselves first before their kids?

Psychologist agrees with Gisele Bundchen & reveals why parents should take care of themselves first Supermodel mom Gisele Bundchen, who caught flack when she pontificated about breast-feeding, pregnancy weight gain and mommy multitasking, is under the gun again after opinioning that mothers should put themselves first in order to be effective parents. “It’s very important […]

Celebrate Your Empty Nest

Millions of parents dropped their kids off at college and now have a very quiet house. Amid the unfamiliar quiet many ask, “What do I do now?” For parents feeling overwhelmed by the sudden life transformation, the empty nest can feel quite painful, especially for those who spent the past 18-years deeply and whole-heartedly involved […]

Do Selfish Parents Raise Better Kids?

In a culture where many parents put their lives on hold and their kids’ wants and needs first, do you wonder who that sacrifice benefits? Dr. Shaelyn Pham would argue that no one is better for it. Invite her on your show to challenge everything you think you know about selflessness and happiness. Pham says […]

Wedding Advice

Everyone’s talking about this weekend’s wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The whole affair is over-the-top ridiculous and ostentatious, but after Kim’s last marriage (which lasted all of 72 days) should anyone expect this union to last? Dr. Shaelyn Pham has some advice for the couple. “The #1 mistake most couples make is that […]

Why We Love It When Celebrities Mess Up

LOS ANGELES,– No one has to look hard to find an example of a celebrity behaving badly when nearly every day there is someone going in or out of rehab, driving recklessly, beating up a spouse or girlfriend or taking a poke at the paparazzi. For a fascinating look at what may lie behind this […]

Psychologist Reveals Why the World Needs More Selfish People

Looking Out for No. 1 Makes Them Happier LOS ANGELES, – Shaelyn T. Pham is about to challenge everything you think you know about selflessness and happiness. The Los Angeles-based psychologist declares that despite what your parents probably taught you about the values of sharing and compromising, adults who take care of their own needs […]