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Dr. Shaelyn Pham gives powerful presentations on the mind and transformation. Her engaging personality creates a dynamic experience that people will leave with a lasting impression.

Motivation & Inspiration

Interactive and engaging presentation to get everyone in your audience pumped up.

Leadership Development

Know how great people think to lead your team effectively with the skills use by some of the best leaders in the world.

Peak Performance

Transform your audience to operate at a higher level with “high achiever psychology” and the habits of peak performers.

Conflict & Communication

Master the techniques of positive and powerful communication to influence others and successfully collaborate with one another daily.

Train the Trainers

Enhance Your Clinician’s Effectiveness when treating patients with Borderline Personality Disorder.

If you have a specific theme that you would like Dr. Shaelyn Pham to use in her presentation then let us know. Her dynamic and engaging style will leave your entire organization highly energized and driven, both personally and professionally.


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