Wedding Advice

Everyone’s talking about this weekend’s wedding of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. The whole affair is over-the-top ridiculous and ostentatious, but after Kim’s last marriage (which lasted all of 72 days) should anyone expect this union to last?

Dr. Shaelyn Pham has some advice for the couple. “The #1 mistake most couples make is that they believe they have ‘conquered’ their love and stop wooing each other. That leads to a stale relationship with no romance and excitement. Everything thereafter are chores and tasks that they have to do instead of wanting to do.” Dr. Pham suggests Kimye (and other couples) keep romance on the front burner if they don’t want their relationship to burn out after the wedding.

Invite her to share tips to keep love alive in any marriage and what Hollywood couples have in common with everyone else when it comes to romantic relationships and marriage. Shaelyn Pham, Ph.D. is a psychologist, speaker and author of of “The Joy Of Me.” Contact her at (213) 622-0633; (949) 331-4559 (cell) or