What Does Dr. Shaelyn Pham Speak About?

Over the past decade, she has had the privilege to share her message of living life to the fullest to thousands of people through inspiring keynote talks, business advice, leadership consulting, as well as training, coaching, and counseling. Dr. Shaelyn Pham is passionate in any types of teaching. As a matter of fact, she was also a professor at Liberty University where she taught psychology to graduate students.

With Dr. Shaelyn Pham’s wide training and expertise, it is hard to narrow it down to one topic. As a trained Psychologist with a background in business, she has a few messages to share. The keys of her messages are personal and professional empowerment that focuses on love, transformation, success, authenticity, and staying healthy.

She knows how to best accelerate personal and organizational goals. As a sought after expert in human potential development and transformation, she delivers her innovative, unique and powerful message to the heart of each individual in the audience. Your audience will be inspired to stay insanely focus to achieve greater success, even the top performers.

What kind of trainings does she do?

Dr. Shaelyn Pham has provided speaking engagement and training to audiences of all ages, including professionals and the general public. That said, she particularly has a special knack for training mental health professionals.  It started out when she recognized the skills deficits and therefore trainings were needed for her staff whilst she was working for an agency after college. She took it upon herself with in-service and it hasn’t stopped since.

Dr. Shaelyn Pham has developed many curriculum and trainings to enhance the quality of services for mental health professionals.  And one of her favorite trainings is on Secure Attachment: Treating and Loving Your Borderline Personality Disorder Clients.

When you do what you love, you love what you do. Her dynamic and engaging style will leave your entire organization highly energized and driven. She will provide the tools necessary to shift perspectives, meet challenges, adapt to change, and solve problems.

Contact  Dr. Shaelyn Pham today to shift your organization into a more healthy, productive, and successful working environment!.