Psychologist Reveals Why the World Needs More Selfish People

Looking Out for No. 1 Makes Them Happier

LOS ANGELES, – Shaelyn T. Pham is about to challenge everything you think you know about selflessness and happiness. The Los Angeles-based psychologist declares that despite what your parents probably taught you about the values of sharing and compromising, adults who take care of their own needs first have more self-confidence and may make better parents and spouses.

In fact, while others may suggest that today’s world is populated by people whose mantra is “hooray for me, the hell with you,” Dr. Pham says often the opposite is true: many men and women desperately need to be taught how to consciously put themselves first in their own lives. Otherwise, she says, they are likely to suffer burnout, disillusionment and feelings of worthlessness.

Invite Dr. Pham to answer such questions as:

Why is it a bad idea to put your partner’s and children’s needs ahead of yours?
How can you get people to love you more by being more selfish?
Why should wives be happy when their husbands go out with the boys?
Why doesn’t being selfish deserve its negative reputation?
Isn’t she giving people permission to be jerks?

CREDENTIALS: Dr. Shaelyn Pham is a licensed psychologist, coach, speaker, and author. Her upcoming book, The Joy of Me, will have a chapter on selfishness. She is the principal and founder of Psychological

Services & Holistic Health, Inc. Her areas of clinical focus include depression, anxiety, anger management, trauma, addiction and borderline personality disorder. Dr. Pham has been a practicing psychologist for over a decade and has helped nearly 1,000 people.

AVAILABILITY: Los Angeles, nationwide by arrangement and via telephone

CONTACT: Dr. Shaelyn Pham (949) 331-4559 cell or (213) 622-0633;;