Ideal self

Have you ever said, “I should be happier…but I’m not.”?

When the lights are off and you’re in bed at night, what do you feel? Are you at peace and content?

We all have a past but we can also have a future of our own design. A future where beliefs and obstacles that once limited you will no longer stand in your way. You’ll have the insights and understanding to affectively deal with the challenges and opportunities in areas that matter most to you.

You’re guaranteed to:

  • Have higher self-esteem and confidence
  • Live everyday with joy and positivity
  • Release any anger and resentment you may have
  • Be in control of your happiness.

You’ll simply enjoy living life and feel great about yourself!

Ideal Self Seminar

Experience permanent positive shifts and lasting changes to feel happier and better about yourself.

Personal Development

Los Angeles, CADecember 13 20178AM-5PM$ 398

Self-esteem and Confidence

Los Angeles, CAJune 20, 21, 20178AM-5PM$ 395