Personal Doctor

Would you like to have a doctor at your beck and call? Do you wish you could get a doctor to come to your house like in the old days?

Having an expert guide you through your toughest challenges in critical times can make life so much easier.

Good news…

Finally… a doctor who makes house calls!

After encountering a client she has worked with for a while who was not able to make it to the office to see her anymore, she was faced with a challenge to re-evaluate the norm of psychology practice.

Based on the needs of her clients, Dr. Shaelyn Pham realized that making house call is necessary at times in order to provide the wanted services.  She worked closely with many entertainment professionals/high profile clients and makes house calls (office, studio, or location) to those who need the utmost privacy. Or when the clients are physically challenged and having difficulties getting into the office.

If you’d like to have Dr. Shaelyn as your private and personal doctor, contact us  for a quote..