Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the questions Dr. Shaelyn has been frequently asked are:

I believe psychology is my calling. As a result, I have worked hard to help people achieve their goals, from personal to professional, as well as in their love lives. I started learning entrepreneurship by running my family’s convenience store when I was in the third grade (there were no child labor laws in Vietnam). After receiving my doctorate degree in clinical psychology, I’ve done many things. I’ve been in private practice, did forensic assessments, taught at universities, provided training for staff in corporations and non-profits, held speaking engagements for different associations and corporations as well as launched a non-profit and currently running a successfully group practice with a wonderful team of clinicians. It is my purpose in life to help people be their best and achieve their ideal life.
I enjoy writing and having meaningful interactions with people. With writing, it is incredible to see people across the world holding my books and sending me kind appreciation for the teachings and messages I share. And the connections I experience in an intimate setting or a room full of people is indescribable, especially when I see an impressive transformation and the direct impact on their quality of life.
It is a unique method that I have created from over a decade of experience and helping people from all walks of life achieve their goals. I always start out with an accurate evaluation of where you are, the unconscious blocks that keep you from having the breakthrough success, and having a true in-depth understanding of where you want to be. Having that knowledge, we can then create a positive paradigm shift, where you can be in action affectively to achieve success in all areas that are important to you.
Quite a few actually. Hypocrisy, dishonesty, intolerance and those who complain about their life or situation, but don’t take the personal responsibility for their part in the problem or potential solution.
There are a few but if I must pick one, I’d have to say, “live with integrity.” At the end of the day, that’s what we’re left with that says what kind of a person we are. It’s an interesting thought that my name, Shaelyn means “one who is noble.”
I have several hobbies. I enjoy reading, watching movies, traveling, concerts, playing the guitar and cooking. I also like outdoor activities or just sitting under a tree watching the clouds go by. I get a kick out of archery and kickboxing too.
My mantra is to be kind (to yourself and others), learn continuously, live courageously, love unconditionally, and laugh as much as you can. I’ve also taken the word “can’t” out of my vocabulary. Ideal Life is not only possible but achievable!