Do Selfish Parents Raise Better Kids?

In a culture where many parents put their lives on hold and their kids’ wants and needs first, do you wonder who that sacrifice benefits?

Dr. Shaelyn Pham would argue that no one is better for it. Invite her on your show to challenge everything you think you know about selflessness and happiness. Pham says that despite what your parents probably taught you about the values of sharing and compromising, adults who take care of their own needs first have more self-confidence and may make better spouses and parents. She says by showing kids how to consciously put themselves first in their own
lives they’re less likely to suffer burnout, disillusionment and feelings of worthlessness. Shaelyn Pham is a licensed psychologist, consultant, and speaker. Her new book, “The Joy of Me”, has a chapter on selfishness. She is the principal and founder of Psychological Services & Holistic Health, Inc. Contact her at (949) 331-4559 cell or (213) 622-5633;