Celebrate Your Empty Nest

Millions of parents dropped their kids off at college and now have a very quiet house. Amid the unfamiliar quiet many ask, “What do I do now?” For parents feeling overwhelmed by the sudden life transformation, the empty nest can feel quite painful, especially for those who spent the past 18-years deeply and whole-heartedly involved in their children’s lives. Psychologist Shaelyn Pham says the best way to deal with an empty nest is turn the focus you used to put on your kids, on yourself. “It’s time to be selfish and find joy in yourself. You can inconsiderately expect your kids to keep you company or take the healthy, selfish approach and start focusing on yourself.” She’ll share tips to finding joy in your empty home, and ways to get over the sadness and start a new chapter in your life.

Shaelyn Pham, Ph.D. is a licensed psychologist, consultant, and speaker. Her new book, “The Joy of Me”, will have a chapter on selfishness. She is the principal and founder of Psychological

Services & Holistic Health, Inc. Contact her at (949) 331-4559 cell or (213) 622-5633;